lipo battery connector

JST PH 2.0mm connector used for 3.7V lipo battery very commen, so our Battery use this connector default.

To check your device if use JST PH2.0 or not, there have many ways to Identify

Method one, Campare with your original plug/connector:

Check the detail of the JST PH 2.0 connector to compare. jst ph 2.0 connector dimensions

Another method, know More 2P Serial Connector for 3.7v Lipo Battery 


jst ph 2.0 connector

name with icon

These are:

XH2.54 Molex5264 EH2.54 
PH2.0 PA2.0 XA2.54 
ZH1.5 ZH1.25 ZH/SH1.0 
Molex51005 5557 
Molex1.2 SM DC 

If the plug not JST PH 2.0mm, you may find a name of your original battery connector.

Our 3.7V lipo Battery use PH2.0 connector as default! 

Contact us for help if you get problem to identify the plugs.