One type,  a big battery have 7-digit number

1160100 1000mAh battery, Take this battery as an example, 1160100 saying the size of the battery,

  • 11 mean the thickness 11mm,
  • 60 means the width 60mm,
  • 100 mean the length, because the battery added the protect board, so the length added 2mm, so the total length 102mm.


Another type, a small battery only have 6-digit number

take 402030 180mAh battery as an example,

  • 40 mean the thickness 4.0mm, Not mean 40mm.
  • 20 mean the width 20mm,
  • 30 mean, if without the protect board, the length 30mm, the length of the protect board 2mm, so the total length 32mm