Frequently Asked Questions

Will the size fit well? 

The battery size has an allowable error [thickness ±0.5mm---width ±1mm---length+1~2mm], A similiar battery should be choose after you check.

How to judge the battery is broken?

Answer: If your battery is swollen or soft, it is broken. If there is no drum, you cannot be sure that the battery is broken. It is recommended to consult customer service.

Are the batteries universal?

Answer: 1). The voltage of most 3.7V batteries is common, but the size, plug, and number of wires are not necessarily common;

2). 3-wire batteries can be used in 2-wire battery equipment, but 2-wire batteries cannot be used in 3-wire battery equipment;

3). If you need a 3-wire battery, please contact customer service.

My car recorder always restores the factory time?

Answer: If your recorder always restores the factory time, it is a battery problem, you should replace it with a new one.

Can the batteries sold in the store be used in RC?

Answer: No! The battery discharge rate of our store is 0.5c. It is not a power battery and is not suitable for model airplanes, drones, toy cars, etc.

Can the original battery be used for 400 mAh with 1000 mAh?

Answer: Not recommended. The size determines the battery capacity. If the battery capacity is large, the size is also large. If you need to place an order, try to choose a battery that is close to the size of your original battery. If you choose a large-capacity battery, make sure that the battery fits your own device. . Large capacity is not necessarily good, the right size is the right choice.

How do I know how long the battery can be used in my device?

Answer: As each device consumes different power, it is impossible to give you an accurate elapsed time. Moreover, we have many battery specifications and models, and there is no way to test and calculate them one by one, so please refer to the actual time.

Why does the battery heat up when charging?

Answer: Normally, as long as it is power conversion, there is loss. Generally, the loss is through heat loss. Charging is no exception. The higher the current, the higher the heat generation. Therefore, heat generation during charging is normal, but The relative degree of fever is different.
RFQ for 3.7v Lithium Polymer ion Battery