See the guild if you not only want order battery cell, but also want the battery cell be assemble with connector wire and protection board. 

1. Buy battery cells at wholesale program.

2. Buy same quantity connectr wire from this listing,

  • PH2.0-2P connector
  • Molex1.25-2P
  • XH2.54-2P
  • SH1.0-2P
  • Molex51146-2P

      available for choose.

3. Buy same quantity PCB protection board from this listing

  • No NTC 2.4v board
  • No NTC 3V board
  • With NTC 2.4v board

      available for choose.

4. QTY reach to 100pcs, leave note or email us if you want to print logo or something else in the battery. we will do this for free

Once we see your order with these 3 type item, then we know what we need to do for your order. we will weld and assemble the battery cell like this:



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